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Hello all! The Birthday Party is growing and branching out! How can it not! One of our new branches is theBirthday Backpack. Here is an explanation of what exactly that is ...

The Birthday Backpack program came about after we realized there was a large group of children in Escambia County who were not living in shelters or in places where a birthday party could be held. These were the kids living in abandoned cars, in motel rooms or on a friend or relative’s couch. These children especially needed a celebration in their life, but how?
Working with the Escambia School District Homeless Advocate, The Birthday Party (TBP) has been able to reach out and touch these kids if only for a brief moment, but on their birthday. Every month TBP receives a list of the children whose birthdays are in the next month and a special backpack is made up and delivered to the Homeless Advocate for the school district to then pass them on to the child on their birthday. These backpacks are special in that we not only provide a birthday gift but also things they may need on a daily basis such as socks, underwear, toiletries, shelf stable canned goods, packaged fruit and some medical supplies. It may not be the celebration TBP initially set out to provide, but at least it is a recognition of a child’s special day, their birthday. 

​Here is a list of contents in a Birthday Backpack ...
Shelf stable chocolate milk 
cereal box
cereal bar 
2 small waters 
1 juice box 
about 6 different snacks like Fish, Skittles, raisins, rice Krispy bars, gummy candy canned tuna snack 
canned chicken salad snack 
can of beans and wieners 
can of Vienna sausage 
can of spaghetti 
all pop tops 
peanut butter 
2 fruit cups,
Underwear and socks 
Band-Aids and first aid ointment 
Toothpaste and toothbrush 
Sani wipes 
comb or brush
lip gloss/balm 
deodorant (if older) 
napkins/plastic spoons 
An appropriate gift

We added a fidget spinner for the boys and little cans of playdough for the girls. And the younger kids also got a bubble wand.

TBP is the only non-profit organization in our area bringing happy parties to innocent children facing challenging times.


The Birthday Party is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to creating special memories for disadvantaged children ... one party at a time.

Birthday Backpacks

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