Regina Scott too, was thrilled to become a part of such a magical endeavor and adds another dimension of greatness as a Board Member.

Our President, Tracy Wise was on a plane reading a story in Reader's Digest about an organization in another city in the US involved in throwing birthday parties for less fortunate children. This wonderful idea stayed with Tracy for months, finally she approached Kathy Decker with the idea.

Christine Mattera was also honored to be a part of this great organization and accepted without hesitation. 

Kathy Decker, Secretary/Treasurer, listened to Tracy explain the concept and loved it! Let's do it! We'll need Board Members, who do you think would embrace this idea? Let's ask Trudy King, Mike Purcell, Christine Commeau-Mattera and Diane Lea.

Joree Railey was approached and latched onto the idea with fervor. She adds an essential power to our Board!

Mike Purcell was honored to be considered as a part of such a lofty endeavor. He jumped on board with passion and ideas!

And there you have the humble ingredients of Pensacola's only (non-profit) organization dedicated to creating special memories to less fortunate children, one party and a time.

Jess Morgan, immediately started volunteering as our fabulous cake-maker! After getting to know how wonderful she is we invited her in as a Board Member. 

The present members soon realized they were going to grow ... and fast! More Board Members were needed to lend their wisdom and expertise. On came Pat Franklin, Regina Scott, and Joree Railey.

The Birthday Party was born and within just weeks the Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status was received! Word got out and agencies started contacted TBP for parties! Jess Morgan came on board as a volunteer Cake Maker!

Pat Franklin joined in with the ideas we were missing and became an integral part of our illustrious Board.

Trudy King, VP,  immediately saw the value of this project and the need for it in the Pensacola area! Absolutely, count me in she replied. She was so excited she started buying toys, decorations and such things as we would be needing.