The Birthday Party, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization established in 2016 in Pensacola, FL. The purpose of The Birthday Party (TBP) is to celebrate that special day, whether it be their birthday or some other milestone, in the life of a child who may temporarily find their little life under undesirable circumstances. Whether the child is in a temporary shelter or elsewhere, TBP creates a colorful and fun party supplying beautiful cakes made and donated by Jessica Morgan. Our Board of Directors and volunteers go to the location, decorate and host a party with games, face painting, favors, gifts, and cake and ice cream. Note, that often times the shelter is at an undisclosed location and for the protection of the children there appears no photos of them.

We host monthly parties at The Lakeview Center, The Favor House, PACE Center for Girls and provide Birthday Boxes at the Ronald McDonald House of NW FL, Pensacola!

Also important to us at TBP, is empowering the parent(s) of the child in offering them the choice of hosting the party themselves. In that case, TBP will furnish all the supplies and cake needed to host a successful party in what we call The Birthday Box. 

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‚ÄčAn example of one of our parties ...

It took us very little time to set up and break down, piece of cake! (Pun intended.) Now ... cutting into the "cake," what we know as special, but had no idea just HOW special! How can we know ... kindness has been part of our lives, so how can we really know what the complete lack of kindness in life would feel like! 
There were 4 children celebrating Birthdays today, age 8, age 15, and two age 13. These children all came from Traumatic Lives! They did NOT know how to respond to kindness when they arrived at the center we were at. It has never been part of their lives. Their lives have never been celebrated, NEVER! No one has ever cared enough about them. I don't know about you, but that clenches my heart. When we all became part of The Birthday Party, I don't think we quite knew the magnitude of what A PARTY could truly produce. The calling forth of special attention toward a child on their special day... the day they entered this world. 
The 8 year old boy actually had a "breakthrough" at his birthday party today! In his 8 years he knew NO kindness and didn't know how to respond to someone being kind to him. The teachers at this center are fabulous and so giving of their kindness. But today, this boy rejoiced, his smile grew and grew! His teacher told me it was the very first time he had responded with happiness. He now knows HOW it FEELS to be special, as every child should.

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